Famous elephant Satao has been killed for his ivory by poachers in Kenya

One of the oldest and largest elephants in Africa was killed by poachers in a park in southern Kenya.

Satao II, named after another giant elephant killed in 2014, was found dead in Tsavo National Park. It is suspected that the animal has been killed by a poisoned arrow, a technique appreciated by poachers, for it’s silence.

Satao II was about 50 years old, had two tusks weighing more than 50 kilos each, which were so long that they almost touched the ground.

The death of Satao II means that there are now only 25 elephants with such defenses around the world, including 15 in Kenya.

Killed for their ivory tusks, which mainly feeds the Asian market, elephants are decimated by poaching. And their protection, in particular by increasingly armed rangers, is complicated by the immensity of the areas to be monitored.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the African elephant population has just recorded its biggest drop in 25 years: the continent has about 415,000 elephants, 111,000 fewer than the last decade. And the massacre continues at the dizzying pace of about 30,000 elephants a year.


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