How to get a Date with Eugenie Bouchard



Well, it’s possible to get a date with Eugenie Bouchard, but you still have to be little bit lucky.

It all happened during Superbowl LI when the Flacons were leading 28-3 over the Patriots.  Eugenie Bouchard tweeted with confidence that the Falcons had sealed the deal.

Goehrke, a Los Angeles Rams fan with a soft spot for Brady, has been a fan of Bouchard’s since she finished as runner-up at Wimbledon in 2014. He knew immediately he wanted to reply to her pro-Falcons tweet, but wanted to come back with something better than “It’s not over yet.”

Instead, he proposed a bet: if the Patriots won, he and Bouchard would go on a date.  She said “Sure”…

When the Patriots made their awesome comeback and won, Bouchard replied “So… where do you live?”


during the following days the two started to see how they would make it happen..  “I’ll fly him out, but beside that, he has to be the gentleman and organize a fun date night,” she said.


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